RV Club USA is a Members-only alternative to the RV lifestyle by offering a worry-free experience to those who love and want to be frequent campers. Camping is meant to be relaxing and fun. Owning an RV can be a very expensive and time consuming venture.  With RV Club USA there is:

  • No Excessive Cleaning
  • No Maintenance
  • No Storage Cost
  • No Insurance Cost
  • No Winterization
  • No General Upkeep
  • Training on all units
  • Access to any travel trailer in our fleet

Members have access to a diversified fleet of travel trailers. Your biggest decision is – WHICH RV DO I WANT TODAY?


Members pay a one-time membership fee plus monthly membership dues. As a member you have access to a whole fleet of RV’s. You simply choose your RV, reserve your date, pick up your RV and head out to your next adventure. Members will have lasting memories of time spent camping with family, friends, clients, and co-workers.



Worry-Free RVing

Owning an RV can be an expensive and time consuming venture! The cost of storage, maintenance, cleaning and general upkeep can make ownership a hassle. We handle everything for you so you can focus on creating your next adventure. Now you can go camping any time you want!

Access To Any Travel Trailer

As a member you have access to any RV in our fleet.  Our RV’s range from a variety of lengths, weight and floor plans. You are able to use any RV that your vehicle can tow.

Unlimited RV Use

The choice is yours. Now you can camp as often as you like. Last minute trip, NO PROBLEM! Simply reserve your RV and you’re off.

Last Minute Booking

Any reservations can be made at anytime as long as it’s made 2 days in advance. This gives our staff enough time to prep your RV for your next adventure.

Multiple Reservations

We offer 2 advanced bookings. Each member can have up to 2 reservation outstanding, 60 days from today’s date on a calendar year. We limit bookings to open up the schedule, so members have access.


Planning your next trip is easier than ever. Simply go to our website and reserve your RV for your next camping trip. This can be done online 24/7 365 days a year.

Friends and Family Advantage

Now you can take a 2nd RV with you. Invite your close friends or family members to go camping with your family. Non-members pay the rental rate of $99 / day.

Safety Orientation

As a member you will receive one on one training on any RV you select. We will teach you everything you need to know about camping. Our service hotline will answer any questions you might have when you are on your trip.

*Valet Service

Don’t have time to come and pick up your RV? No Problem! We offer Valet Service. We will, for a fee, deliver the RV to your house before your trip,  and pick it up after your trip.

*Delivery Service

Don’t have a truck to tow your RV? No Problem! We will, for a fee, deliver the RV to your campsite and set it up. After your camping trip we will pick it up.

*Camping Extras

We have a nice selection of camping extras for rent. Need chairs? Tables? Coolers? Tents? Grills? Water toys? Check out our selection in the showroom.

 *     Additional charges may apply to services marked. Please call 904-438-5898 for additional details.


We have an “invisible pet” policy, because of potential allergens.  Additional fees will be charged if an RV is returned showing signs of a pet (ex: pet hair removal starting at $50 and fumigation at $50/hour).

We enforce a strict NO SMOKING policy. IF THERE IS ANY evidence of smoking, a minimum fine of $100 will be charged.

Awnings are very susceptible to wind and must be put down or stored properly each night and during the day if there are high winds. We suggest that you use it only when you are able to supervise the awning. We ask that at night you properly store and return the awning to its closed position. You are responsible for any damage during the rental period for any awning damage as it is not covered under insurance.

We inspect, test and maintain our units to the highest standards so that you will not experience any malfunctions. If you have issues on the road, give us a call and we will do our absolute best to walk you through troubleshooting procedures to resolve the issue. Generator, A/C, Heat, water heater, TV, DVD/BLU-RAY, stereo equipment, awning, leveling jacks and GPS are not covered under inoperable terms. They are considered value added products. RV Club USA maintains and services all systems on all units in our fleet regularly; regardless of this, things can happen and fail to work properly. We will do everything possible within reason to resolve your issues if they do arise during your rental period.

Any malfunction must be reported to RV Club USA as soon as possible. (904) 438-5898.

  • Departure times are SCHEDULED appointments, Monday – Friday starting at 9 AM with last pickup at 5 PM. No Saturday or Sunday pickups.
  • Pickup appointments are very important to keep. Please be on time or you will be moved to the end of the line for pickup, if necessary.
  • Returns are between 9 AM and 12 PM, Monday – Friday. We do open for early drop off if scheduled. Coordinate early drop offs with our office.
  • A $25 late fee will apply to all returns that are 15 minutes late, and additional $25 fee will be added for each 15-minute overage.
  • If you need special accommodations, please contact us and we will do our best to work with your needs. Charges may apply.

Yes, A mandatory detailed orientation will be provided upon pickup. Each unit is different, so we walk you through all the systems, as well as perform a safety walk-through with you prior to departure. Please plan for 1-2 hours for the orientation.


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